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Working with the team at Katapult is great, they are smart individuals that put the needs of their customers first. Working with the team has been a real treat. On top of that, they really take the time to understand us as an organisation, our USP and the personalisation that our product is founded on. They really are a valuable partner to have.
Who is this for?

Any organisation that is licensed with Microsoft Office 365 or other Microsoft Office technologies, and requires an efficient and self-service way to alleviate the burden on IT and train its users on the tools. Typically this is purchased by… IT Technology Leaders and Teams

What can this help you achieve?

With over 1 million users worldwide, Filtered is one of the leading international training products for Microsoft Office 365, used by clients including Ernst & Young, New Look and ING Bank.

Its key advantage is for IT teams is saving a significant amount of time. We have found that IT teams who have recently rolled out Office 365 typically then have the burden of training their full workforce on a new platform to drive up adoption and ensure the business achieves a healthy return on investment. However, there are often limited resources to do so, and as countless questions fly in from users with challenges or aspirations with the tools, IT can come under considerable pressure and burdensomely lose countless hours of time trying to help. There are a lot of quality training tools, but Filtered’s popularity perhaps comes down to the time savings drawn from its self-service nature. Users take a quick test which determines their ability and through an intelligent algorithm the platform filters down the content and suggests a learning path. This gives the IT team an answer, alleviating the training burden and saving a potentially extraordinary amount of time answering questions as users have a route to familiarise themselves with the technology.

Its eighteen training modules are for Office 365 (this includes courses on the full suite inclusive of applications like Skype for Business, Teams, OneDrive, Outlook and Flow), Excel, Advanced Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, Advanced Visual Basic for Applications, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Project 2016, Advanced Project 2016, SharePoint, OneNote, Visio, Access, Advanced Access, PowerBI, Windows 10, Data Analysis, Excel for Accounts (Beginner) and Excel for Accountants (Intermediate).

Who will deliver this?

Katapult Partners is one of Microsoft’s global leading partners, specialising in the human side of digital transformation.

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