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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rich in lucrative possibilities for business, but it is not without its controversies. For the workforce, AI is inherently alarming. Its very name commonly conjures dialogue of an existential crisis and invokes fears amongst employees that new intelligent automation may erode their individual worth. For others, AI is a wondrous prospect, promising a reimagined workplace fuelled by futuristic technology, replacing laborious administrative functions and freeing the creative potential of the human collective to flourish in all its glory. We do not yet know how it will unfold, but we do know that perhaps like never before, the cultural, ethical and emotional impact of such transformation in the workplace will be revolutionary. Such transformation must be diligently understood, planned and strategically managed, complementing a technology journey which has the potential to unlock an unrivalled new competitive edge for your organisation in the evolving digital age to come.

Our consultants are some of the leading strategic transformation experts in Europe, with many decades of organisational transformation expertise, and some of whom are published international award-winning authors on culture, impact and sustainability.

Our most Senior Consultant who typically leads these engagements (we will confirm this with you in writing before purchase) is highly accredited in Artificial Intelligence Business Strategyby the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is widely considered as the leading STEM educational institution in the world.

This package is for organisations seeking a credible and impactful starting point for its Artificial Intelligence journey. Typically this is… Strategy, Digital and/or Technology Leaders; and/or Leadership Teams.

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