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Why invest in Microsoft Accessibility?


Disability is the mismatch between the needs and preferences of the user and the system or environment. This disparity is common and often unspoken in workplaces, surfacing challenges for disabled employees in many forms, including misunderstandings, inadequate policies, and lack of provision of the right tools for all users to perform to their optimum at their job. We have now entered a new digital world, and whether your disability or other personal challenge relates to vision, hearing, learning, mobility, physiology, neurology, mental health, or otherwise, the technology in your workplace is continuously improving to tap into everybody’s strengths.

Around 19% of the working-age population in the UK has a disability. As well as physical disability, many impairments are hidden and not immediately apparent to others, like learning difficulties or dyslexia. It affects perhaps far more of our co-workers than we tend to realise. Through a vast pool of intelligent assistive technologies, Microsoft offers an enormous opportunity for improved experience and equal opportunity in the workplace. Its practical state-of-the-art accessibility and neurodiversity tools help your user base achieve its daily tasks and goals in the way that best suits the individual. This package helps you launch your more accessible and inclusive digital workplace. At Katapult Partners, we believe that there is a substantial untapped opportunity in our economy for what people can achieve together when technology breaks down barriers and reflects the diversity of all who use it.

This package is for organisations seeking a more digitally accessible workplace for disabled users, including typically Human Resources Leaders; Technology Leaders; and/or Leadership Teams.


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