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Who is this package for?

Organisations seeking to maximise their return on investment of Microsoft Office 365 and drive user adoption of the platform. Typically this is… IT, Project and Business Owners of Microsoft Office 365. 

What can this package help you achieve?

A Champion is a driven, committed person who is interested in new technology and helping other employees use it in alignment with best practices. Likely Champions can often be described as “informal leaders”, people whom other relate to, listen to and are happy to engage with. Depending on working practises in your organisation you may include this as a formal part of the person’s role. A Champions Program is a proven strategy to drive successful and organisation-wide user adoption of Microsoft Office 365.

There is science behind a Champions Program, as non-management, non-IT users sharing best practices can be widely evidenced as an optimal path to achieving user adoption success across multiple studies*. This is likely because of a Champion’s low or zero bias toward the project, their ability to translate and communicate enthusiastically and in the most impactful language for close co-workers, and their deeper understanding of the specific functionality that might help their teammates. A Champions Program, with a team of identified Champions, will create the momentum and enthusiasm that drives adoption; build a circle of influence amongst their teams; free up IT and Project teams’ resources; identify business challenges and possible solutions; and provide feedback to the project team and sponsors.

This package helps you successfully plan, create and execute on a strategy for a results-driving Digital Champions Program for Microsoft Office 365, regardless of where you are on your journey.

Who will deliver this?

Katapult Partners is one of Microsoft’s global leading partners, specialising in the change and adoption of Microsoft Office 365. The hardest part of adapting your organisation to a new digital world is that people tend not to like change. So how do you do it? With some of the most accredited experts in the world in organisational change for digital transformation, we can help you to harness the brilliant potential of your human collective to truly transform your workforce, powered by Microsoft’s remarkable collaboration tools, catapulting you into the digital age.

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