What is our Microsoft story?

When we reflect on our journey with Microsoft, becoming one of their “best change and adoption partners in the world”, we are honoured to be endorsed by perhaps the most significant organisation in the history of the digital world. The driving forces behind high user adoption Microsoft cloud implementations are effectively managing change and acquiring new skills across the organisation. People naturally resist change, so facilitating the human side of the transition from the old way of working to the new is critical to achieving high adoption results. To do so successfully, first, users must understand what is in it for them, and second, users must have the skills to perform their working tasks. This is where Katapult Partners brings truly world class expertise.

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Change & Adoption

What’s the driving force behind adoption? Change and skills across your user base. In the most successful Office 365 transformations, change and adoption is a parallel and integrated workstream. Change is a discipline that applies a framework and set of tools to transition people from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits and organisational objectives. Our truly world class change consultants will help you construct a results-driving strategy for your rollout, including engaging top leadership in the change and building an understanding of the advantageous reasons for the change across the user base – getting these factors right is typically the primary determinant to achieving a high adoption outcome. In tandem with your change initiatives, your users need skills. We can help skill up your workforce through established learning and development values to excite new user audiences and build deeper learning proficiencies. Types of skills training we provide are instructor-led classroom training, innovative video and audio content, leadership and management specific workshops, online learning tools, simulation training, coaching and mentoring, and gamified workshops.

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Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is the foundation behind any great human achievement. From world class sports teams operating as one unstoppable united force to space agencies harnessing collective talents to make the impossible, possible, the very same fundamental principles apply, centred on shared goals and values, clear expectations from one another, and a system which empowers quality communication. In the workplace, we are so often grouped together and provided with communication technologies, expecting successful collaboration just to happen. And it may, in part. But to drive results through successful collaboration means reimagining the way that people and technology work together in harmony, aligning structures, behaviours and tools synchronistically, perhaps like never before. Today, the quality of digital collaboration tools is excellent, and competitive advantage is reaped by teams cooperating and sharing impactfully, underpinned by an excellent digital experience. Combining our expertise in teamwork effectiveness with technical delivery in Microsoft Teams and collaboration-driving Office 365 apps, our services will help you harness the fullest potential of collaboration.

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Disability is the mismatch between the needs and preferences of the user and the system or environment. This disparity is common and often unspoken in workplaces, surfacing challenges for disabled employees in many forms, including misunderstandings, inadequate policies, and lack of provision of the right tools for all users to perform to their optimum at their job. To the surprise of many, around 19% of the working-age population in the UK has a disability. As well as physical disability, many impairments are hidden and not immediately apparent to others, like learning difficulties or dyslexia, and it affects perhaps far more of our co-workers than we tend to realise. Through a vast pool of intelligent assistive technologies, Microsoft offers an enormous opportunity for improved experience and equal opportunity in the workplace. Its practical state-of-the-art accessibility and neurodiversity tools help your user base achieve its daily tasks and goals in the way that best suits the individual. We can help you launch your more accessible and inclusive digital workplace and realise a substantial untapped opportunity in breaking down barriers and reflects the diversity of all who use it.

Our Microsoft Success Packages

We are a professional services provider and our consultants will sit down with you, consult with you on your business challenges, and design a program of work which suits your needs. However, sometimes you just want to get the job done, and there are a range of scenarios which crop up time and time again with our clients. Here are some ready made, best practice service packages that can power up your Microsoft journey quickly and efficiently.

Here at The Readiness Company we have found it really exciting and rewarding working with Katapult Partners. They are innovative, inspiring and an absolute pleasure to work with. Katapult Partners place real value in their partnerships, always looking for new ways to work together. We look forward to working further with them in the years to come.

Our Strategic Partner

Over the years, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play, and connect through great technology. Perhaps the most important company of a generation, we are extremely proud to have proven ourselves as one of Microsoft’s “best partners in the world for change and adoption”.

Our Technology Partner

Cloud Business is an award-winning specialist cloud solutions consultancy for Office 365, and serve as our go-to technology partner. Together, we help our clients understand the digital workplace concept and how they can obtain and enjoy the productivity, collaboration and mobility benefits of the Microsoft cloud.

Our Training Partner

The Readiness Company is our friendly, experienced Microsoft Learning Partner. They have been delivering ‘lightbulb moments’ to IT professionals amongst Microsoft partners and customers for over 18 years. Their seasoned training consultants deliver dynamic and interactive training to develop people for success.

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