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In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, embracing digital transformation is a requirement rather than a luxury. Digital transformation enables organisations to open up new sales channels, drive up shareholder value, find new markets and opportunities, increase their revenues, and improve their efficiency. But to fully embrace digital transformation enterprises must start with an awareness of the opportunities that lay ahead and understand early on that this is as much about people as it is technology. Here are our services which can truly make your people-first digital transformation happen.

Strategy, Vision & Planning

Asking what are we really trying to achieve in our digital transformation? can easily create more questions than answers – both for companies already in transformation mode as well as those contemplating the transition. Where do you start? Why consider a change when your business is working well? These questions can overwhelm. But answering them is critical for survival and growth as competitors reap the rewards of digital, creating new opportunities and opening new markets to businesses through sales, service, and marketing. The first step of this process begins with identifying or clarifying an organisation’s north star, and building a strategy and plan around it.

Organisational Culture Transformation

Reimagining culture for the digital age is often cited as the hardest, yet most fundamental, part of a digital transformation. While it is relatively easy to adopt technological solutions, changing the organisation culture requires patience, can be time-consuming, and is not always a natural skillset within organisations. Whether your digital transformation centres on greater customer-centricity, empowering a more experimental workforce, or redefining your customer journey, the real-life practicalities of digital transformation will always be significantly less about tools and data and more about the humans who employ them – this means a shift to an embracing culture.

Change Management & Change Leadership

Digital transformation requires game changing behaviour. Many organisations are currently dealing with the implications of digitalisation for the business and its systems, processes and people. Today’s business environment is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (often referred to as the “VUCA world”) – a combination of factors that can exacerbate the effects of digital disruption on an organisation’s operating model. Successful change in digital transformation requires buy-in across all levels of the organisation, particularly among senior executives, and setting, communicating, and managing expectations are all extremely important.

Digital Skills & Workplace Transformation

Equipping your workforce with the right digital skills is a critical first step in the digital transformation of your business. A project of this magnitude involves a lot more than just implementing technology. It requires people with the skills and knowhow to use these new technologies to create competitive advantage and build new customer experiences and business models, and it requires tools within your organisation positioned with clarity. To acquire this knowledge within your organisation, you will need to roll out a suitable learning architecture and introduce new workforce skills. This requires a supportive learning environment, a company culture of continuous learning, and a range of flexible learning options.

Strategy, Vision & Planning

We help you create a clear understanding of your vision, and build the necessary architecture and planning for the direction you need to travel.

Whether you are amidst a digital transformation and require support with the human aspects of the change, or you are at the start of your digital transformation journey altogether, we can help you lay the foundations for your successful digital reimagination. We help companies create a North Star vision and strategy, and redesign their models, culture and technology for a digital world.

We can help you build internal awareness of the digital opportunity, support challenge you when putting ideas to paper, design your implementation programme, plan your resources, recruit your internal digital champions and coalitions, link your digital strategy to corporate goals, define your narrative back to the business and create an overarching burning platform to ensure that your business is compelled to act and join you on your digital journey, with urgency.

Organisational Culture Transformation

The first question in any cultural transformation is to understand how do people really feel about digital, on the ground?

We can deliver with you a multi-layer culture study, delivered through expert interviews held anonymously with a cross-section of the business, and a cross-business online study.. This will help to define real, practical digital and change challenges and trends today  and serve as a provocateur for your organisational culture change initiatives to complement your digital transformation. We can then help you leverage the results of these insights to engage stakeholders, shaping the importance of culture into the minds of leaders at a deeper level.

Our consultants are some of the leading strategic culture transformation experts in Europe, with many decades of enterprise transformation expertise, and some of whom are published international award-winning authors on culture and leadership.

Change Management & Change Leadership

For years, managing change has been a key necessity for organisations across the globe – largely a reactive response to changes that occur, in order to make those changes work. Being able to manage changes ensure your business can effectively handle the circumstances brought on by internal and external events.

Today, the rate of innovation in industry is accelerating at a pace like never before, and business models are being displaced which have stood proud for decades or even centuries. This cannot be reactive only.

Leading your organisation to new habits, behaviours and values for the digital age is the magic key to whether the digital transformation happens or not. Our world class change leadership and change management experts can help you build a programme which is proactive to new opportunities, builds excitement for the digital transformation, and helps you achieve the improved efficiencies, cost savings and time savings you want from your internal digital revolution.

Digital Skills & Workplace Transformation

In today’s business world, rate of deployment of digital technologies is increasing; and it so is the resulting skills gap. Many organisations are struggling with effective, efficient digital adoption because of immature models expecting employees to adapt to new technical changes on their own.

Whether we’re talking about building spreadsheets on Excel, using Slack or leveraging a proprietary tool, employers cannot assume that the understanding of these applications or the development of the necessary skills will happen by itself. Organisations must implement holistic, strategic digital skills programmes that cater to all types of employees and their various learning methods, and they must track the success of these programmes.

We can help you to catapult your workforce into the digital world, building custom programmes for adequate digital skills training. We will help you build assessment and accountability into this training so that employers can quantify results and identify areas for improvement.

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