You Transform,
We'll Guide.

3-Stages of Change 1. Explore The first phase is called Explore. Here, we help you build a strategy and craft a plan for your change. This should be treated as a distinct project with its own accountability and deliverables.

  • Define Change Scope and Objectives
  • Change Management and Change Leadership Plan
  • Identifying and committing to key behaviours that drive successful change
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Champions Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Measurement Plan
  • Reinforcement Plan 2. Transform The second phase is called Transform. In this phase you execute against the strategy and plans for your change. These are typically flexible in nature and move as projects move into full flow, such is the nature of human transformation activity.

  • Delivery of Change Management and Change Leadership Activities (see Change Leadership)
  • Delivery of Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Champions Program Activities
  • Delivery of Communications Activities
  • Delivery of Training Activities
  • Coaching Leaders and Role Modelling Change 3. Anchor The third phase is called Anchor. This phase is critical for reinforcing the behaviours, activities and effort for your change and embedding it into the culture of the organisation, sustainably.

  • Follow-up lunch & learn sessions
  • Focus groups, feedback loops
  • Continuous role modelling of the key behaviours for successful change
  • Rewarding and recognising behaviours, efforts and results
  • Success stories built
  • Reporting to Senior Management
  • Measurements of Success
  • Reinforcement Activities
  • Corrective Measures

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