At first I thought this was just another workshop, but actually, Katapult probably accelerated what we are trying to achieve by six months in just a couple of days.
Global Director, Worldwide Financial Services Organisation

Global Financial Services Organisation

Strategic digital transformation in every corner of the globe.

We worked with this organisation as they went through an immense amount of change and transformation. Across multiple projects, we have been a transformation supplier for this financial services organisation for more than eight years, including throughout merger and acquisition activity and dramatic change amidst the financial crisis. The change programmes we have designed and delivered with this client are major in size and truly global in nature, stretching across 25 offices globally. We worked with offices in countries including:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • The Netherlands
  • and the United Kingdom

This client is a global brand and a major player in its industry. There were several rounds of organisational and cultural change required across a multiyear period and heightened uncertainty due to the rapidly changing landscape and the dramatic effects of the financial crisis. At the time of the transformation programme delivery, we supported this client through a merger and a successful clean up of processes prior to its outsourcing initiatives.

    • Discovery, Strategy and Design of multiple programmes across an 8-year period
    • Data Analysis and Collection, to understand the reality of employee engagement and organisational culture on the ground
    • Executive Coaching to help organisation leaders navigate to change success at a time of heightened uncertainty
    • Leadership Development Programmes design and delivery to drive effective leadership through change
    • Considerable process analysis and reengineering to clean up the process operations of the organisation prior to its global outsourcing initiatives
    • Talent Management for High Potential Employees
    • Cultural Quotient and Cultural Awareness Workshops to build understanding of the impact of culture on the organisation
    • Servicing Skills Workshops to improve and maintain a high quality customer experience at a time of change
    • Recruitment Programmes to ensure that the right people and skills were brought into the organisation

This programme was very considerable in size, and was made up by a range of projects and programmes beyond the high-level detail listed above..

What did they achieve?

World Class Client Experience

Increased Client Acquisition & Retention

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Increased Collaboration Across Locations & Functions

Digitally Transforming An Outsourcing Firm In The USA

The transformation we undertook with this organisation took place across the United States of America. We worked with over 20 office locations spread across the USA. Harnessing the exceptional digital tools which are part of our DNA at Katapult Partners, we were able to deliver a large amount of this work remotely, including using Microsoft technologies. We worked on-site in four different states to deliver workshops and events which were specific for their respective leadership and executive teams.

This organisation’s strategic objective was to shape a strong, cohesive, collaborative culture in anticipation of fast growth. Their aims were to increase collaboration across locations and functions across the USA, speed up and optimise the onboarding of new employees, and increase their revenue, all in anticipation of fast growth.

As we undertook this organisational culture change programme, we worked very closely with the client’s internal Change Leads, which were appointed for the programme and are pivotal to the success of any change and transformation work.

Change Leadership is not a nebulous or intangible construct, it is perhaps the fundamental difference between successful strategic change and failure. Change leadership is the ability to influence change through personal advocacy, vision and drive amongst peers, and to access resources to build a solid platform for change. The success of this programme was dependent on effective change leaders who knew how to create and disseminate a vision, overcome resistance to change and manage conflict.

    • Discovery, Strategy and Design of multiple culture studies undertaken at intermittent periods to assess and evaluate change on the ground
    • Working closely with internal change leads to drive through transformation from top management downwards
    • Design and delivery of a full Champions Program across the organisation, who would serve as trusted and equipped advocates and agents of change and transformation amongst teams
    • Leadership Team Events, where we shared the results of the studies so that leaders could really understand the challenges and opportunities on the ground at a deeper level
    • Executive Coaching and Mentoring, to support leaders within the organisation to lead through the change
    • Collaboration and digital tools defined, positioned, agreed and implemented working closely with IT
    • Strategic and Tactical Change Leadership underpinning the entire programme

This was a significant project in size and is a good example of best practice change and transformation..

What did they achieve?

Increased Collaboration Across Locations & Functions

Greater Onboarding Efficiency For New Employees

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Increased Revenue

SOS Children’s Villages Sweden in Mozambique

Change Leadership Changing Lives.

SOS Children’s Villages International is a not-for-profit organisation active in 135 countries and territories around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of children each year through family-based alternative care, schools, health centres, family strengthening programmes, and other community-based work.

These children face challenges beyond the comprehension of many of us in the western world, and this is where this organisation makes a big difference, one which we are proud to support.

Harnessing our skills in leadership and personal development, change management, communication and collaboration, we have helped harness the human potential of many brilliant young people to cultivate the self-leadership skills and self-esteem necessary for their future success and happiness.


SOS Children’s Villages is a world-renowned fundraising organisation and we worked with its employees  in Sweden as well as for a development programme which we helped design and deliver in Mozambique. The overall objective of the programme was teaching and coaching the children to become active participants in their lives, where they can contribute and have input, and build empowering self-esteem to be able to create a good and happy future for themselves, with good relationships and work opportunities. This also involved training and coaching the adult caregivers in the villages.

    • Discovery, Strategy and Design of the programme
    • Training and coaching of local coaches to deliver the programme
    • Delivery of pilot sessions in Maputo and Pemba with local coaches
    • Ongoing remote coaching of local coaches through the rollout in several villages
    • Working with project leader and team in Sweden throughout
    • Programme evaluation
    • Re-design and creation of version 2 of the programme for rollout to more countries
    • Strategic and Tactical Change Leadership underpinning the entire programme

This is part of an ongoing series of programmes, which we are truly honoured to be a part of.

What did they achieve?

Improved Village Communication & Collaboration

Increased child participation

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Child and Adult Empowerment

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