Door 19: Leaders as Role Models

The Katapult Advent Calendar continues…

Are you leading a digital or business transformation? Do you know quite how influential you are?

A leader’s focus, actions and behaviours have the potential to truly ignite the transformation. Leaders’ behaviours are contagious – leaders have the power to role model transformation through hope, engagement and digital immersion.

Are you that role model?

Door 18: Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Time for the 18th door of our Advent Calendar to reveal its contents….

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

These wise words are attributed to Peter Drucker, and many a leadership thought leader have built on them over the years.

Culture is an incredibly powerful force in any organisation, and must not be overlooked. Culture is “how we do things around here” – it’s all the implicit and explicit expectations that shape the habits at work.

Think about what you want to achieve with your transformation, and then reflect on how the culture needs to be to get you there. And then start shaping that culture with intention and through role modelling.

Want to know more about how to shape your culture? Let’s talk!

Door 17: Enjoy being IRL!

In the Katapult Advent Calendar we invite you to reflect with us on the important human aspect of digital transformation.

Day/door 17: Enjoy being IRL

In an increasingly digital world, grab the opportunities now and then to just be IRL; connecting human to human, communicating face to face.

When possible, put down the phone, close your laptop, and just go talk to someone.

Not only do we, as humans, need that interaction, it also builds/cements working relationships, can help avoid communication misunderstandings and generally speed things up.

Door 16: How to overcome change resistance

Today’s Katapult Advent Calendar is inspired by insightful change professional Ket Patel.

In conversation recently he described how he often gets asked the question “how do you overcome resistance?”

And his answer? “Don’t create resistance in the first place”

We love the straightforwardness and simplicity of that answer. In our experience, it’s often the simple but oh so important things that get overlooked.

Not creating resistance.

Not creating resistance.

That’s what change/transformation management should be all about, to be so open and inclusive, while painting an enticing picture of the future, that resistance doesn’t happen in the first place.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ket!

Door 14: Looking back to look forward

The Katapult Advent Calendar continues its reflections on people, collaboration and leadership in digital/business transformation.

Stop at regular intervals and take stock (end of each week is a great habit) – what has worked well, what hasn’t, what have we learned, what new info has surfaced? And how will we use all the insight going forward?

Include your team in this habit too – involve them in reflection, dialogue and evaluation. It doesn’t have to be time consuming – with careful facilitation you can make it relevant, focused and worthwhile.

Door 13: Lucia Day

Door 13 of the Katapult Advent Calendar hides a nod to our Swedish heritage.

13 December is Lucia Day in Sweden.

Lucia is an annual candlelit procession, a tradition of light, which takes place in homes, schools, workplaces and public places all around the country (and anywhere in the world where there are Swedes:-))

Lucia can be traced back to St Lucia of Syracuse, Sicily in the early 300’s and the old calendar where 12 December was believed to be the darkest day of the year.

The role of Lucia is to bring light (starting early in the morning of the 13th) to the darkest day before. Apart from being a beautiful beacon of light in a dark time of year, it’s a day of coming together in tranquility, kindness and gratitude.

Happy Lucia Day to you all!

Door 11: Bring people together – and talk

Another day of our Katapult Advent Calendar, with reflections and ideas for successful business/digital transformation.

Day/door 11: Bring people together – and talk

In change and transformation no one will have all the answers. There will be a number of challenges and solutions to figure out. And the more you can involve the people who will be impacted by the change, the better ideas and buy-in you will get.

Invite your key stakeholders in dialogue, exploring solutions, while also managing expectations (not all solutions will be possible or even needed to do)

Whose input do you need to invite?