Day 1

We live in a VUCA world.

The term VUCA was coined by the US armed forces in the early 90’s as they observed a new type of warfare which had…


Day 2

The power of saying THANK YOU.

Hot on the heels of Thanksgiving celebrations in places around the world, we are reminded how important it is to express thanks…


Day 3

Clarifying the BIG goal.

Whatever transformation journey your organization is on, or are planning to set off on, don’t get tempted to jump to solutions…


Day 4

A Collaborative Culture.

There are so many great collaboration tools available – everything from Teams, Slack, SharePoint, Zoom, Skype and more. BUT a great tool doesn’t necessarily make the company culture collaborative…

Day 5

What did you learn today?

The human need for continuous learning is greater than ever – and we think that’s a marvellous thing…


Day 6

Why Digital Projects fail.

As even the most robust of industries become digitally disrupted, creating a digital workplace where employees can collaborate and engage with new ways of working is now imperative to survival…

Day 7

A smarter organization.

Organizations become smarter when intelligence meets intelligence and is multiplied. Human and artificial. People working collaboratively together and embracing the potential of AI…

Day 8

Never assume people know how your transformation will improve their lives. Tell them.”Always remember…



Day 9

They’re all suspicious of you. Every. Single. One of them.

What are these leaders actually doing in that boardroom? Who’s that new one who acts like he understands but doesn’t seem to have a clue?

Day 10

Day/door 10: The Nobel Prize

Since 1901, on the 10th of December, the Nobel Prize is awarded in 5 categories-

the Nobel Peace Prize is handed out in Oslo, Norway and the rest of them…

Day 11

Day/door 11: Bring people together – and talk

In change and transformation no one will have all the answers. There will be a number of challenges and solutions to figure out.


Day 12

Day/door 12: An agile organisation

Regardless what kind of transformation you’re going though or planning for,

your organisation most likely needs to become more agile.

Day 13

Door 13 of the Katapult Advent Calendar hides a nod to our Swedish heritage.

13 December is Lucia Day in Sweden. Lucia is an annual candlelit procession…


Day 14

Stop at regular intervals and take stock (end of each week is a great habit)

– what has worked well, what hasn’t, what have we learned, what new info has surfaced?


Day 15

A big part of any transformation is learning to let go – of old thoughts, perceptions, habits and practices.

What could you let go of which would help you make the most of your organisation’s transformation?

Day 16

Today’s Katapult Advent Calendar is inspired by insightful change professional Ket Patel. 

In conversation recently he described how he often gets asked the question “how do you overcome resistance?” And his answer?…

Day 17

In the Katapult Advent Calendar we invite you to reflect with us on the important human aspect of digital transformation.

Day/door 17: Enjoy being IRL

In an increasingly digital world…

Day 18

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

These wise words are attributed to Peter Drucker, and many a leadership thought leader have built on them over the years. Culture is an incredibly powerful force in any organisation, and must not be overlooked.


Skip Katapult Advent Calendar?

Day 19

Are you leading a digital or business transformation? Do you know quite how influential you are?

A leader’s focus, actions and behaviours have the potential to truly ignite the transformation…

Day 22

Transformation, real transformation, is a marked, significant change, where the change is so thorough, so disruptive, so – well, yes, transforming – that it can’t go back to what it once was. A bit like how a butterfly can’t transform back…

Day 20

Good news is all around, at work and beyond, but it’s not reported as much as the bad news.

And yet, good news is crucial to hope, resilience and success. Where do you go for good news?

Day 23

We continue our reflection from day 22 on how to avoid Boomerang Change…

If you are serious about business/digital transformation, take a moment to reflect on how you can bring all the pieces of real transformation together…

Day 21

In our Katapult Advent Calendar we continue to reflect on the human aspects of digital/business transformations that truly make a difference.

Things change fast, we all know that. New research, new technology…

Christmas Eve

We give away 3 signed leadership impact books!

How leaders lead transformation matters greatly. Your impact as a leader can make THE difference in transformation success. This is why we give away…

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Behind the last calendar door is a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there from all of us here at Katapult Partners!

This is a day and time of joy and kindness, letting go of any work concerns – and just being. We’re human beings after all, not human doings 😀