We help you do the human part of digital transformation.

Your employees will naturally resist your digital transformation. That’s because they’re human, and humans resist change. This natural phenomena is the highest risk factor to achieving your digital goals. We’re here to save you from wasting time and money on unfruitful technology-driven projects by putting people at the heart of the journey.

Where can Katapult Partners help you?

You can implement the fastest networks, give your employees the best cutting-edge technologies and all the latest communication tools but if people don’t understand what’s in it for them, nor have the digital skills necessary to execute on tasks, you will face resistance and low adoption. The ability to navigate through change is evidenced widely as the most fundamental reason as to whether digital transformations today are sinking or swimming. We help you strategically lead and navigate through change and skill up your people for the digital age.

Transformation Services

Our people-first approach to digital transformation centres on culture, change and skills. We help you to transform your workplace for the digital age through twenty years experience in change management, change leadership, cultural transformation and digital skills.

Microsoft Services

Microsoft endorse our transformative powers and one of their “best change and adoption partners in the world”. We can support you to get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 investment, through change and adoption, training, accessibility and related services.

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Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people and technology to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Getting the technology right is paramount, but there is a stratosphere of evidence showing that the highest risk to digital change is not getting the human part right.

At first I thought I was attending just another training programme, but afterwards I realised that we probably accelerated us by six months in just one day.

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We have found it really exciting and rewarding working with Katapult Partners. They are innovative, inspiring and an absolute pleasure to work with. Katapult Partners place real value in their partnerships, always looking for new ways to work together. We look forward to working further with them in the years to come.

Our Clients & Partners

We’re a small, dedicated team who create, design and code digital brands, products and services with our clients. The clients are mostly the companies dealing with said products or services.

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We’re proud to be a Disability Confident committed employer

The Disability Confident scheme led by the Department of Work & Pensions supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace.

The scheme aims to help successfully recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions. Being Disability Confident is a unique opportunity to lead the way in our community and industry, and further open up the door to talent pools. The scheme was developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives to make it rigorous but easily accessible – particularly for smaller businesses.

We also help our clients become more accessible to disabled users in the digital age through our unique Digital Accessibility services.

Our Magical Story with SOS Children’s Villages in Mozambique

Pioneered by our CEO, award-winning leadership author Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, we continue to support SOS Children’s Villages Sweden and their groundbreaking initiatives in Mozambique, in a program which continues to transform the lives of many amazing children and their village families.

SOS Children’s Villages is a global children’s rights organisation that works in 135 countries around the world with, and for children who have lost or are at risk of losing their parental care. These children face challenges beyond the comprehension of many of us in the western world, and this is where this organisation makes a big difference, one we which are proud to support. Harnessing our skills in leadership and personal development, change management, communication and collaboration, we have helped harness the human potential of many brilliant young people to cultivate the self-leadership skills and self-esteem necessary for their future success and happiness. Learn more about a magical story with these young future leaders here.

Want to know more about the work they do or maybe even donate to their cause? Then visit our friends at SOS Children’s Villages Sweden here, and SOS Children’s Villages United Kingdom here. Thank you.